Saint Malo


Saint Malo is a seaside resort known for its walled city (pirate town) and its relation to the sea,

Jewel of the Emerald Coast, tourism development dazzling.

The stones have inspired the greatest adventure racers and many famous writers.

Around the ramparts is probably the first tourist attraction in St. Malo, they offer you on a 2 km near the first entrance to the discovery of privateers.

The tides of the Bay of St. Malo are among the largest in Europe.

Sport in Saint-Malo is diversified with a significant trend for water sports.

In music, Saint-Malo this year's festival La Route du Rock (summer and winter),

Among the important cultural events are also the Quay Bulls, festival of comics and the projected image, which takes place in the fall, and the literary festival of Amazing travelers, in the spring.





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